LUMINOX Colour Mark range of Watches

December 20th, 2007

From Luminox comes the new Colour-Mark range of rugged looking mens watches. Powered by Swiss illumination technology this Luminox offering is excellent in performance and looks

Luminox Watch with luminous dial

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LONDON GOLD FIX 6TH DEC 2007: 788.75 (-13.00)

December 6th, 2007
30-Nov-07 794.75 384.123 537.720
03-Dec-07 783.75 380.092 534.983
04-Dec-07 790.25 383.691 539.052
05-Dec-07 801.75 393.342 544.593
06-Dec-07 788.75 388.815 541.315


December 6th, 2007

Like gold, a favoured worth of silver has a prolonged as well as full of color story . Silver has been coined to furnish banking given 700 BC as well as continues to be a simple section of financial worth for many nations around a universe currently . In actuality, a difference for “silver” as well as “money” have been a same in at slightest fourteen opposite languages . As an investment, silver stays a single of a a one preferred vehicles for resources accumulation . We hold that a silver investing outlook stays intensely bullish as well as could outperform gold over a successive couple of years.

2007 Silver Marketplace Review

Silver Supplies
When it’s all pronounced as well as finished, cave prolongation is approaching to enlarge 3.6% this year to ~23 million ounces . This expansion n prolongation is especially a outcome of:

  • increased silver outlay at La Coipa cave( Kinross Gold, 50% – GoldCorp, 50%) ;
  • initial prolongation at a San Cristobal cave( Apex Silver, 65% – Sumitomo, 35%) ;
  • a prejudiced miscarry at BHP Billiton’s Cannington cave, a world’s largest as well as lowest cost silver as well as lead mine; and
  • new prolongation from Mexican mines together with Pan American Silver’s Alamo Dorado cave as well as Metallica Resource’s Cerro San Pedro mine.

These increases will, however, be to some extent equivalent by prolongation declines in Canada, Peru, Russia, as well as Kazakhstan.

Other marketplace reserve this year came from writer hedging, throw recycling, as well as executive bank sales . Though these have done usually a medium altogether grant to sum silver supplies.

Silver Demand
Industrial direct is approaching to enlarge over 5% by year-end whilst jewelry as well as precious metal phony have been estimated to tumble somewhat . Reduce jewelry prolongation in Italy, Mexico, as well as a United States contrasts notable gains in India as well as China this year.

Photographic silver make make use of of is additionally approaching to dump by 10% in 2007 . Direct for detailed silver continues to be influenced by a strenuous switch to digital record . Silver make make use of of in consumer movie has again been a hardest strike sub-sector as well as appears to be a terminally sick marketplace . Coin minting additionally looks to have forsaken a small in 2007 from a turn available final year.

Silver investment direct is approaching to sojourn certain notwithstanding being reduce than in 2006 . After great buy-side seductiveness early this year, investment direct had slumped until not prolonged ago, with a bit of offered from a some-more suppositional short-term investors . Speculators were faced with beating after silver unsuccessful to means a mangle by$ fifteen an unit as well as available a successive reversal in prices.

During 4Q 2007, silver investment direct rebounded to some extent in reply to a run-up in gold prices . Gold has enjoyed a overly full of health marketplace given a finish of summer due to problems with bound income as well as sub-prime debt markets that led to a many reduce US dollar.

Overall, a January-October duration saw a ~23 million unit climb in ETF land though a decrease in investors’ net prolonged futures positions . Investors’ bullion bonds, upon a alternative palm, will have augmenting this year upon a net basis.

Silver Prices
For a initial 10 months of 2007, a normal silver cost was$ 13.16 an unit, up 17% year-on-year as well as 10% upon an intra-year basement . Take a demeanour at a 1-year silver cost draft below…

silver cost chart

Although speculators have driven silver prices aloft in 2007, a pierce has been underpinned by a essential element of phony direct as well as a short-run cost insensitivity as well as a deficiency of altogether supply growth.

Silver Investing Opinion for 2008 as well as Beyond

Investment direct will sojourn pass to silver’s cost in 2008 . Aloft direct will be compulsory from investors given silver’s supply/demand fundamentals have been approaching to mellow, with an approaching swell in cave prolongation as well as reduce phony demand.

The opinion for 2008 is for a 7% climb in tellurian cave prolongation, many of a benefit entrance from:

  • a full year of outlay at a San Cristobal cave( Apex Silver, 65% – Sumitomo, 35%) ;
  • the derivation of prolongation at EcuaGold Resources’ San Bartolome skill in Bolivia;
  • anticipated start-up at a GoldCorp’s Mexican Penasquito cave property; and
  • the commencement of operations at Minefiders’ Dolores projects in Mexico.

We design that this brand new prolongation will, however, be equivalent by uninformed silver investment direct in partial by ETFs as well as earthy bullion that will pull prices modestly aloft in 2008.

In a longer-term we design silver to outperform gold . Given 2004 a gold/silver cost comparative measure has been tightening as well as right away sits subsequent a ~40 year normal of 54:1 . Based upon today’s marketplace prices however, a gold/silver cost comparative measure is 55:1 . Take a demeanour at a normal gold/silver cost comparative measure given 1970…


With augmenting interests in ETFs as well as aloft accessibility of earthy silver bullion we design this cost comparative measure to stability tightening over a successive couple of years heading to an outperformance of silver prices to gold .

Long Silver,

Storm Gold Charm Bracelet style Watch

October 20th, 2007

Storm’s watch labelled MIA has an amazing design that resembles a gold charm bracelet.

Gold Charm bracelet style Padlock watch

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Longines Watches Sports Collection OUT NOW!

October 19th, 2007

Longines automatic sports watch collection

The new sports collection from Longines uses the latest in watch technology and combines it with the ultimate in style. From the new sports range the Grande Vitesse really stands out. This model is inspired by the race track and features advanced tachymeter and chronograph functions.
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October 18th, 2007

New to the CAT range of watches the Active Ocean model is as you would expect a high quality, tough yet stylish timepiece.

CAT Ocean Active Watch
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Bulovas Cambridge Watch Range

October 18th, 2007

New to Bulovas collection the Cambridge range look absolutely amazing. This perfect example boasts a rose gold finish case that shows the class of the Cambridge collection perfectly.

Cambridge collection BULOVA

CAMBRIDGE Collection with Alligator grain strap.

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Is Gold heading for the Sky?

October 16th, 2007

The Gold market is just off the recent twenty-eight year peak. Down from its 759.90 US Dollar per ounce price yesterday at around 257 US Dollars per ounce. But still considered a good buy by many in the field Gold is rumoured to still have a way to go in the upward direction. 750 Dollars per ounce is a good supporting level for the Gold market and Gold may break further records in the near future.