Perfect Diamond Cut and Shape

Diamond Ring Brilliant CutA Diamonds Cut and Shape are two different aspects of the stone. The cut of your Diamond is how the stone has been cut at various angles by the Diamond cutter to reflect the light in the most pleasing way. When Diamonds have been cut perfectly the light reflects from the facets of the stone and bounces back to give that amazing Diamond sparkle. Super ideal cut Diamonds have a brilliance and shine that show the Diamond cutters skill at creating the most beautiful Diamond using the perfect cut.

The AGS (American Gem Society) have gradings for a Diamonds quality of cut. AGS 0 Diamonds are the grading given by the AGS to Diamonds with a perfect or ideal cut grade.
When purchasing Diamonds it is best to make sure your stones are graded as AGS 0 Grade or as Ideal cut Diamonds.

The shape of the Diamond refers to the type of shape the Diamond has been cut into. There are many recognised Diamond shapes that are used in the Diamond cutting industry. It is recommended to choose a Diamond that is cut to a shape that you find most appealing. Diamond cuts can range from Emerald cut, Brilliant cut through to Heart shaped Diamond cuts. Diamond Cut and Shape Delicious digg:Perfect Diamond Cut and Shape Digg spurl:Perfect Diamond Cut and Shape Spurl wists:Perfect Diamond Cut and Shape Wists furl:Perfect Diamond Cut and Shape Furl reddit:Perfect Diamond Cut and Shape Reddit fark:Perfect Diamond Cut and Shape Fark Y!:Perfect Diamond Cut and Shape Yahoo

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