New Diamond Cut Vinci

A new Diamond cut called the Vinci Diamond has been created by Shlomo Cohen. The diamond cut uses the idea of the Golden Ratio which is based on the three lines through an object that are suposed to create perfect proportions. Also known as the Divine Proportion this ratio is referenced in the hugely successful book The Da Vinci code, insiring the name Vinci for the new Diamond cut.

The Da Vinci Code book by D Brown used the Divine Proportion idea more recently but the creator of this new diamond cut has been pondering the idea since 2001.

The Golden Ratio uses three lines, the longest line is 1.618 times the length of the next longest line, which in turn is 1.618 times the length of the shortest line. The proportions of these three lines combined are the ratio for perfect proportions. As far back as egyptian times this ratio is seen in history, found present in many forms of art and buildings and in egyptian pyramids. This geometrical ratio is also seen through out nature and even in the size ratio of the human fingers where each section is 1.618 times that of the previous section of the finger. 

The new Diamond Cut named the Vinci Diamond Cut has had its patent registered in Belgium, USA, Israel and Japan. Diamond Cut Vinci Delicious digg:New Diamond Cut Vinci Digg spurl:New Diamond Cut Vinci Spurl wists:New Diamond Cut Vinci Wists furl:New Diamond Cut Vinci Furl reddit:New Diamond Cut Vinci Reddit fark:New Diamond Cut Vinci Fark Y!:New Diamond Cut Vinci Yahoo

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