Film Blood Diamond

Leonardo Dicaprio stars in the new film Blood Diamond set in Sierra Leone. Leonardo plays a mercenary from South Africa on a mission to find a rare pink diamond in war torn Sierra Leone. The film Blood Diamond is due to be realeased during the christmas holiday season 2006.

Leonardo Dicaprio in the film Blood Diamond

In the film Blood Diamond by Warner Bros. set in the nineties the subject of conflict diamonds is central to the plot. The film also stars Jennifer Connelly as an american journalist in Sierra Leone that has been devastated by civil war.

The subject of conflict diamonds was a main topic at the 32nd World Diamond Conference this year 2006 in Tel Aviv. Diamond retailers are worried that the film Blood Diamond released at christmas 2006 may serve to highlight the problem of conflict diamonds amongst the public and affect retail trade. The term conflict diamonds refers to rough diamonds that were traded for guns in areas of Africa during civil wars. But during 2000 the World Diamond Conference in Antwerp already put in place measures to halt the trade of conflict diamonds on the world market.

Blood Diamond following Leonardo Dicaprio the mercenary, a farmer and a syndicate of businessmen on a search for a valuable pink rough diamond will be screened at the end of 2006. Blood Diamond Delicious digg:Film Blood Diamond Digg spurl:Film Blood Diamond Spurl wists:Film Blood Diamond Wists furl:Film Blood Diamond Furl reddit:Film Blood Diamond Reddit fark:Film Blood Diamond Fark Y!:Film Blood Diamond Yahoo

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