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Mens Silver Jewellery Wrench Spanner Bangles

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

Silver Spanner BangleA popular new style of jewellery with todays man is the Wrench or Spanner bangle jewellery accessory. Available made from 9 carat Gold as well as Sterling Silver Wrench shaped Spanner Bangles are popular with mechanics, motorcyclists, motor sport fans and suitable for all men to wear. Other types of jewellery are available based around wrench, spanners or tool shapes such as spanner rings, spanner or tool shaped pendants and bangles in the form of other tools. Spanner shaped rings in Silver or Gold can be worn by women as well as men and tool pendants would also be unisex jewellery.
High quality Silver Spanner Bangles can be purchased from specialist jewellery designers in the Uk and worldwide. Some jewellery designers in the United Kingdom craft different types of Spanner bangles with open end spanner ends or ring spanner wrench ends from highly polished Sterling hallmarked Silver. Some of the best examples of these hand made Sterling Silver Spanner Wrench Bangles are hand made in the UK by professional jewellery designers. Made from solid Sterling Silver by hand and hallmarked in a United Kingdom assay office these Wrench shape bangles are high quality. Completed by hand by UK jewelleres hand polishing and finishing skills these Silver 925 Spanner bangles are of the highest quality.

Perfect Diamond Cut and Shape

Wednesday, February 13th, 2008

Diamond Ring Brilliant CutA Diamonds Cut and Shape are two different aspects of the stone. The cut of your Diamond is how the stone has been cut at various angles by the Diamond cutter to reflect the light in the most pleasing way. When Diamonds have been cut perfectly the light reflects from the facets of the stone and bounces back to give that amazing Diamond sparkle. Super ideal cut Diamonds have a brilliance and shine that show the Diamond cutters skill at creating the most beautiful Diamond using the perfect cut.

The AGS (American Gem Society) have gradings for a Diamonds quality of cut. AGS 0 Diamonds are the grading given by the AGS to Diamonds with a perfect or ideal cut grade.
When purchasing Diamonds it is best to make sure your stones are graded as AGS 0 Grade or as Ideal cut Diamonds.

The shape of the Diamond refers to the type of shape the Diamond has been cut into. There are many recognised Diamond shapes that are used in the Diamond cutting industry. It is recommended to choose a Diamond that is cut to a shape that you find most appealing. Diamond cuts can range from Emerald cut, Brilliant cut through to Heart shaped Diamond cuts.

Jewellery Retail Displays

Thursday, October 11th, 2007

Many jewellers or small craft fair jewellery sellers seem to concentrate more on their product than the displaying of the product. Obviously choosing the correct product is an important part of selling jewellery. But almost as importnat can be how you display your products when it comes to making sales.

Shell and Beach Jewellery

Tuesday, October 9th, 2007

More and more manufacturers are taking inspiration from the sea for their jewellery ranges. Boho style jewellery with pearls and shells on leather cord etc. is popular on the high street nowadays.
Shells and pearls are commonly combined with sterling silver clasps and accessories to create amazing jewellery pieces. (more…)

Jewelry Shopping Online

Tuesday, October 9th, 2007

The internet is becoming amazingly popular for shopping in general and especially for quality jewelry at the best prices. Nowadays if someone is going to shop for engagement jewelry the first place they might look would be the internet rather than a local jeweler. Bricks and mortar stores can no longer seem to compete with internet based retailers on price. Obviously for engagement rings it is essential to know the size of ring you require. But as long as you are armed with the correct size information you will have a massive choice of designs and retailers to choose from online. Also most online retailers will offer 100% money back guarantees if you are not happy with the item you have chosen, so that removes the risk of buying the wrong item via the internet.
The vast selection alone should entice you to go shopping for jewelry via the internet. Designs of jewelry that you may not have seen before are available as well as one off pieces that no one else will be wearing, unlike some mass produced designs available on the high street. Even if you just wish to shop for gold chains you will be able to find every conceivable length, gauge and style of link chain you would desire. So take your time and look at the various options and different online retailers offering jewelry before making that special purchase.

Tungsten and other Unique Wedding Rings

Tuesday, October 9th, 2007

The latest craze in urban jewelry is tungsten carbide designer jewelry for men and women. This new material for creating amazing jewellery pieces is an extremely hard wearing metal that can be crafted into high fashion jewellery designs. Some recent creations in tungsten carbide jewelry are highly polished tungsten bracelets and mens unique wedding rings. Due to the durability of tungsten metal tungsten jewelry will keep its highly polished finish indefinitely and remain in perfect condition even after much use. Scratch and tarnish resistant this excellent material is the perfect choice for your urban designer jewelry. Designers are mixing gold and silver with their tungsten carbide jewelry designs to create unique jewelry pieces that look terrific. Tungsten is a perfect material for mens heavy rings and is being used to create many cutting edge designs that would suit todays modern man.
In the arena of wedding bands the classic design of milgrain wedding rings is still a very popular ring for wedding bands. The beautiful edging to a milgrain wedding band seems to set the ring of perfectly. Available in many different materials from gold through to platinum the milgrain finish is definitely still one of the most popular designs for wedding rings.

Offer a Jewellery Repair Guarantee

Monday, September 10th, 2007

If you can offer your jewellery clients free or cheap repairs, you will find that you have better customer relations. You will also be able to offer guarantees with your jewellery and repair goods under your own guarantee without additional expense to your company. Extras such as offering long guarantees can help boost your jewellery sales and to beat the competition that offers less guarantees.

Wholesale 9 carat Gold Jewellery

Saturday, August 25th, 2007

With the rising prices of the international gold market the cost of producing all carat ratings of gold jewellery has soared. As well as gold the silver markets rise has in some cases caused the production and raw material costs for a piece of quality sterling silver jewellery to double at wholesale level. With these rises in the cost of producing gold and silver jewellery retails need to find the lowest cost stock they possibly can.
This is where clearance lots and overstocks of jewellery can become major sources of 9ct gold and sterling silver stock. There are online shops that supply retailers and jewellers with 9 carat Gold Clearance lots at prices below wholesalers manufacturing costs. Wholesale Gold Packs are an excellent way to boost your stock inventory with varied high quality 9 carat gold jewellery at the lowest possible trade prices. These types of packs and clearance gold lots contain all manner of jeweller items, some diamond set and gem set items are usually included also.
As well as 9 carat gold there are many sterling silver clearance packs and wholesale deals available that will allow excellent retail profits. Purchasing sterling silver jewellery this way allows jewellers to display a wide range of silver jewellery items with minimal stock outlay. Silver Earrings with Stand and many different necklaces, bracelets, pendants, rings etc. at low clearance wholesale cost are definately the best way to stock your jewellery shop.