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Satellite TV and Navigation

Friday, March 30th, 2007

Satellite TV
Satellite TV has enabled television viewers to access a multitude of TV channels from around the world that are not available via terrestrial television broadcasts. The most well known and first satellite television broadcast company is Sky now called BskyB. Sky broadcast satellite TV around the world and offer many different Sky packages that you can access via a satellite dish and satellite television box. Direct Satellite Broadcast or DBS is the term for commercial television satellite signals aimed at home viewers. DBS broadcasts can include Pay per View programs that may be in the form of sporting events or the latest movies.
GPS Satellite Navigation
Global Positioning Satellite Systems otherwise known as GPS are used to map precise locations and routes using satellites. Using a method called trilateration a satellite can measure its exact location by measuring distances between itself and another 3 or more other satellites. This GPS technology is used in navigation equipment in vehicles. The Global Positioning System can transmit the exact poisiton of the satellite to a GPS receiver which can work out the receivers position using calculations and an exact precise time clock.