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Gold Market Record High Fuels GOLD RUSH!

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

Gold continues to reach and breakthrough record highs during November 2009. Currently the London Bullion Market Association (LMBA) Gold Fix is well over £702 per troy ounce of pure Gold.
This continued record breaking high in the Gold market is fuelling the current GOLD RUSH by consumers to Sell Gold Scrap and unwanted Jewellery to the many online Gold bullion and scrap precious metal buyers.
So the continued rise in the Gold market can only encourage more and more public to sell their unwanted jewellery, broken or damaged Gold rings and necklaces to be melted down as scrap. The Gold Scrap Postal Buyers in turn melt down all the unwanted Gold and turn it into Gold Bullion ingots for sale to investors. Alternatively the buyers turn it into Gold casting grain or forms of Gold manufacturing material to use in making new Gold jewellery etc.
Not as widely publicised is the rise in the Silver Bullion Market price to over £11 per troy ounce (LBMA). Many refiners do not want to purchase Silver Scrap and concentrate on the higher value of Gold. But many consumers have old Silver Jewellery that is damaged or they simply no longer wear that they wish to sell. As long as the quanity is around 100 grams or more you can also Sell Silver Scrap Jewellery for a reasonable amount and cash in on the rise of the Silver Market price as well as the Gold Market.

Sell Scrap Gold for Cash

Cashing in on your Scrap Gold Jewellery

Thursday, November 6th, 2008

We all have various articles of scrap gold just hanging around in our jewellery boxes or at the back of our drawers gathering dust!
You may think that broken 9 carat gold chain or the old sovereign ring that you have had for years can’t be worth much in scrap gold value. Well you would be wrong, and even just a few grams of scrap gold broken jewellery can realise a worthwhile amount of ready cash when scrapped.

This is due in part to the record highs reached by the world gold bullion market during this year of 2008. March of 2008 saw the gold market at record highs of over $1000 per oz. Although now during the later part of Autumn 2008 the gold price has receeded from its record high of earlier this year, it still commands in the region of £464 GBP Pounds Sterling per ounce. That is equivalent to around £5.59 GBP Pounds Sterling per gram of 9 carat purity gold. Meaning that gold scrap should realise around £4.50 – £5.00 GBP for each and every gram of 9ct gold scrap.

The key to getting the highest return for your old jewellery and gold coins is knowing where to send it for the best price. You may automatically think of your local High Street jeweller that has a sign in the window saying We Buy Gold Scrap. But many local jewellery shops pay very low prices for scrap gold jewellery compared to other companies delaing in scrap precious metals. The highest returns are usually received from precious metal refiners and gold bullion dealers. These companies specialise in recovering the precious metal gold content from jewellery gold scrap as well as other industries that use gold and precious metals.

Gold refiners and gold scrap buyers in UK can be found online and offer fast, trustworthy scrap buying services through the mail. The process is simple, just securely parcel up all your gold scrap, broken jewellery or old gold coins and ship to the scrap gold refiner. Once the gold refiner has received your lot they will determine the exact purity of gold present, by performing a melt and assay if required and then make payment direct to you for your gold scrap. With the credit crunch affecting us all this year you cannot afford to leave significant amounts of cash sitting around the house in unused jewellery items or old gold coins. So cash in your scrap gold and unwanted jewellery today for some fast cash!

LONDON GOLD FIX 6TH DEC 2007: 788.75 (-13.00)

Thursday, December 6th, 2007
30-Nov-07 794.75 384.123 537.720
03-Dec-07 783.75 380.092 534.983
04-Dec-07 790.25 383.691 539.052
05-Dec-07 801.75 393.342 544.593
06-Dec-07 788.75 388.815 541.315

Storm Gold Charm Bracelet style Watch

Saturday, October 20th, 2007

Storm’s watch labelled MIA has an amazing design that resembles a gold charm bracelet.

Gold Charm bracelet style Padlock watch


Is Gold heading for the Sky?

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

The Gold market is just off the recent twenty-eight year peak. Down from its 759.90 US Dollar per ounce price yesterday at around 257 US Dollars per ounce. But still considered a good buy by many in the field Gold is rumoured to still have a way to go in the upward direction. 750 Dollars per ounce is a good supporting level for the Gold market and Gold may break further records in the near future.

Rose Gold Ladies Watch

Thursday, October 11th, 2007

Michel Herbelin Rose Gold Timepiece

Michel Herbelin Rose Gold Watch

Made from a combination of Stainless Steel and Rose coloured Gold this watch by Michel Herbelin really stands out. The dial can be supplied in either a pink colour (matching the rose gold) or in silver colour (to match with the stainless steel).

The excellent contrast of beautiful rose gold against stainless steel really finishes this watch off perfectly.
From the Antares collection from Michel Herbelin this Rose Gold ladies timepiece is sure to be a popular watch for 2007.

Gold Testing

Wednesday, October 10th, 2007

With the price of the Gold Market reaching highs recently many people are considering cashing in on any scrap gold jewellery they may have laying around the house. When selling your scrap gold it is best to know as much about your jewellery as possible before visiting a scrap bullion dealer.
This is where a Gold Tester comes in handy. Testers will show you via simple tests on your gold the carat rating or if your jewellery is not a precious metal but a gold plated or similar item.

Gold News and Live Gold Chart

Tuesday, October 9th, 2007

The Gold fix price is back up around the $739 mark recovering from a recent dip. The market seemed to be awaiting news of the latest decision by the Fed on interest rates later today before deciding which way to move. The Dollar has started getting stronger just of late and that could halt Gold in its tracks. Also a recent flood of scrap Gold reaching refiners around the world has reduced the demand for the metal in the industry. The recent highs in the Gold market have caused many to sell their scrap Gold and cash in on the high market price.

Gold Fix Market Live Chart below