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Perfect Diamond Cut and Shape

Wednesday, February 13th, 2008

Diamond Ring Brilliant CutA Diamonds Cut and Shape are two different aspects of the stone. The cut of your Diamond is how the stone has been cut at various angles by the Diamond cutter to reflect the light in the most pleasing way. When Diamonds have been cut perfectly the light reflects from the facets of the stone and bounces back to give that amazing Diamond sparkle. Super ideal cut Diamonds have a brilliance and shine that show the Diamond cutters skill at creating the most beautiful Diamond using the perfect cut.

The AGS (American Gem Society) have gradings for a Diamonds quality of cut. AGS 0 Diamonds are the grading given by the AGS to Diamonds with a perfect or ideal cut grade.
When purchasing Diamonds it is best to make sure your stones are graded as AGS 0 Grade or as Ideal cut Diamonds.

The shape of the Diamond refers to the type of shape the Diamond has been cut into. There are many recognised Diamond shapes that are used in the Diamond cutting industry. It is recommended to choose a Diamond that is cut to a shape that you find most appealing. Diamond cuts can range from Emerald cut, Brilliant cut through to Heart shaped Diamond cuts.

Diamond Jewellery for the Perfect Valentine

Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

The perfect gift for your loved one this Valentines day is the gift of a sparkling Diamond. Giving quality Diamond rings, Diamond pendants or amazing Diamond bracelets has always been popular on this romantic day. Valentines day is the day that you really show your partner how much you love them, and what better way than by giving the absolutely perfect gift of Diamond jewellery.

Nowadays it is possible to purchase beautiful Antwerp Diamonds of the very highest quality at an affordable price. Many new designers are offering modern jewellery crafted in various precious metals such as Gold, Sterling Silver and Platinum. These designers select the very best quality Diamonds to set into their amazing jewellery designs, making modern designs of jewellery the perfect Valentines day gift.

Judging Diamond Quality

Friday, August 10th, 2007

The colors of diamonds are rated with an alphabet grading system that starts with “D” and ends with “Z”. Completely colorless diamonds fall in the “D” and “E” grade, while colored, fancy diamonds are at the other end of the alphabet, at “Y” and “Z”.
The clarity of a diamond refers to whether or not the diamond is (more…)

Diamond April Birthstone

Friday, June 15th, 2007

The Diamond is the birthstone of April as well as being the gemstone for tenth and sixtyth aniversaries. The high value and amazing glittering colour of a brilliant cut diamond has helped make this the most popular gemstone used in jewellery today. Diamonds are available in a variety of amazing colours to suit the wearers particular personality.

Film Blood Diamond

Wednesday, August 30th, 2006

Leonardo Dicaprio stars in the new film Blood Diamond set in Sierra Leone. Leonardo plays a mercenary from South Africa on a mission to find a rare pink diamond in war torn Sierra Leone. The film Blood Diamond is due to be realeased during (more…)

New Diamond Cut Vinci

Wednesday, July 5th, 2006

A new Diamond cut called the Vinci Diamond has been created by Shlomo Cohen. The diamond cut uses the idea of the Golden Ratio which is based on the three lines through an object that are suposed to create perfect proportions. Also known as the Divine Proportion this ratio is referenced in the hugely successful book The Da Vinci code, insiring the name Vinci for the new Diamond cut.

The Da Vinci Code book by D Brown used the Divine Proportion idea more recently but the creator of this new diamond cut has been pondering the idea since 2001. (more…)

Diamond Trilogy and Solitaire Ring Setting

Wednesday, June 28th, 2006
There are many different diamond settings available to display your diamond ring beautifully, but maybe the most common for a diamond solitaire is the claw setting. But recently the trilogy diamond ring has become extremely popular.   

Traditionally one of the most popular settings for diamonds is the solitaire diamond claw setting. This consists of setting a single diamond of various weights from smaller 0.33 ctw diamonds upto expensive diamonds over 1 carat in size. The solitaire diamond is set in a claw setting with 4 or 6 claws to hold the stone. The claw setting holds the diamond proud of the band and allows the most light to hit the diamond and reflect in the stone.

The trilogy diamond ring consists of 3 seperate diamonds set most often using claw diamond settings. The 3 diamonds are set next to each other in the ring forming a line. Usually the diamond in the middle will be slightly larger than the two diamonds used for the sides. The Diamond Trilogy Ring in White Gold or 18ct Yellow Gold Trilogy Ring are popular examples of the beauty of 18 carat gold set diamond trilogy rings.

 Trilogy Diamond Ring