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Gold Market Record High Fuels GOLD RUSH!

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

Gold continues to reach and breakthrough record highs during November 2009. Currently the London Bullion Market Association (LMBA) Gold Fix is well over £702 per troy ounce of pure Gold.
This continued record breaking high in the Gold market is fuelling the current GOLD RUSH by consumers to Sell Gold Scrap and unwanted Jewellery to the many online Gold bullion and scrap precious metal buyers.
So the continued rise in the Gold market can only encourage more and more public to sell their unwanted jewellery, broken or damaged Gold rings and necklaces to be melted down as scrap. The Gold Scrap Postal Buyers in turn melt down all the unwanted Gold and turn it into Gold Bullion ingots for sale to investors. Alternatively the buyers turn it into Gold casting grain or forms of Gold manufacturing material to use in making new Gold jewellery etc.
Not as widely publicised is the rise in the Silver Bullion Market price to over £11 per troy ounce (LBMA). Many refiners do not want to purchase Silver Scrap and concentrate on the higher value of Gold. But many consumers have old Silver Jewellery that is damaged or they simply no longer wear that they wish to sell. As long as the quanity is around 100 grams or more you can also Sell Silver Scrap Jewellery for a reasonable amount and cash in on the rise of the Silver Market price as well as the Gold Market.

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