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Wholesale 9 carat Gold Jewellery

Saturday, August 25th, 2007

With the rising prices of the international gold market the cost of producing all carat ratings of gold jewellery has soared. As well as gold the silver markets rise has in some cases caused the production and raw material costs for a piece of quality sterling silver jewellery to double at wholesale level. With these rises in the cost of producing gold and silver jewellery retails need to find the lowest cost stock they possibly can.
This is where clearance lots and overstocks of jewellery can become major sources of 9ct gold and sterling silver stock. There are online shops that supply retailers and jewellers with 9 carat Gold Clearance lots at prices below wholesalers manufacturing costs. Wholesale Gold Packs are an excellent way to boost your stock inventory with varied high quality 9 carat gold jewellery at the lowest possible trade prices. These types of packs and clearance gold lots contain all manner of jeweller items, some diamond set and gem set items are usually included also.
As well as 9 carat gold there are many sterling silver clearance packs and wholesale deals available that will allow excellent retail profits. Purchasing sterling silver jewellery this way allows jewellers to display a wide range of silver jewellery items with minimal stock outlay. Silver Earrings with Stand and many different necklaces, bracelets, pendants, rings etc. at low clearance wholesale cost are definately the best way to stock your jewellery shop.

Judging Diamond Quality

Friday, August 10th, 2007

The colors of diamonds are rated with an alphabet grading system that starts with “D” and ends with “Z”. Completely colorless diamonds fall in the “D” and “E” grade, while colored, fancy diamonds are at the other end of the alphabet, at “Y” and “Z”.
The clarity of a diamond refers to whether or not the diamond is (more…)

Plane Travel Liquid Ban

Wednesday, August 1st, 2007

If you are planning of flying you should fully research and examine this new liquids on air travel ban. Remember when thinking about this liquid ban that no liquids can be taken through and on to the plane. Any items such as perfumes, bottled drinks, wash products etc. Shouls be placed in your checked luggage and cannot be carried on to the plane in hand luggage or about your person.