Gold Market Record High Fuels GOLD RUSH!

November 24th, 2009

Gold continues to reach and breakthrough record highs during November 2009. Currently the London Bullion Market Association (LMBA) Gold Fix is well over £702 per troy ounce of pure Gold.
This continued record breaking high in the Gold market is fuelling the current GOLD RUSH by consumers to Sell Gold Scrap and unwanted Jewellery to the many online Gold bullion and scrap precious metal buyers.
So the continued rise in the Gold market can only encourage more and more public to sell their unwanted jewellery, broken or damaged Gold rings and necklaces to be melted down as scrap. The Gold Scrap Postal Buyers in turn melt down all the unwanted Gold and turn it into Gold Bullion ingots for sale to investors. Alternatively the buyers turn it into Gold casting grain or forms of Gold manufacturing material to use in making new Gold jewellery etc.
Not as widely publicised is the rise in the Silver Bullion Market price to over £11 per troy ounce (LBMA). Many refiners do not want to purchase Silver Scrap and concentrate on the higher value of Gold. But many consumers have old Silver Jewellery that is damaged or they simply no longer wear that they wish to sell. As long as the quanity is around 100 grams or more you can also Sell Silver Scrap Jewellery for a reasonable amount and cash in on the rise of the Silver Market price as well as the Gold Market.

Sell Scrap Gold for Cash

Mens Silver Jewellery Wrench Spanner Bangles

March 24th, 2009

Silver Spanner BangleA popular new style of jewellery with todays man is the Wrench or Spanner bangle jewellery accessory. Available made from 9 carat Gold as well as Sterling Silver Wrench shaped Spanner Bangles are popular with mechanics, motorcyclists, motor sport fans and suitable for all men to wear. Other types of jewellery are available based around wrench, spanners or tool shapes such as spanner rings, spanner or tool shaped pendants and bangles in the form of other tools. Spanner shaped rings in Silver or Gold can be worn by women as well as men and tool pendants would also be unisex jewellery.
High quality Silver Spanner Bangles can be purchased from specialist jewellery designers in the Uk and worldwide. Some jewellery designers in the United Kingdom craft different types of Spanner bangles with open end spanner ends or ring spanner wrench ends from highly polished Sterling hallmarked Silver. Some of the best examples of these hand made Sterling Silver Spanner Wrench Bangles are hand made in the UK by professional jewellery designers. Made from solid Sterling Silver by hand and hallmarked in a United Kingdom assay office these Wrench shape bangles are high quality. Completed by hand by UK jewelleres hand polishing and finishing skills these Silver 925 Spanner bangles are of the highest quality.

Cashing in on your Scrap Gold Jewellery

November 6th, 2008

We all have various articles of scrap gold just hanging around in our jewellery boxes or at the back of our drawers gathering dust!
You may think that broken 9 carat gold chain or the old sovereign ring that you have had for years can’t be worth much in scrap gold value. Well you would be wrong, and even just a few grams of scrap gold broken jewellery can realise a worthwhile amount of ready cash when scrapped.

This is due in part to the record highs reached by the world gold bullion market during this year of 2008. March of 2008 saw the gold market at record highs of over $1000 per oz. Although now during the later part of Autumn 2008 the gold price has receeded from its record high of earlier this year, it still commands in the region of £464 GBP Pounds Sterling per ounce. That is equivalent to around £5.59 GBP Pounds Sterling per gram of 9 carat purity gold. Meaning that gold scrap should realise around £4.50 – £5.00 GBP for each and every gram of 9ct gold scrap.

The key to getting the highest return for your old jewellery and gold coins is knowing where to send it for the best price. You may automatically think of your local High Street jeweller that has a sign in the window saying We Buy Gold Scrap. But many local jewellery shops pay very low prices for scrap gold jewellery compared to other companies delaing in scrap precious metals. The highest returns are usually received from precious metal refiners and gold bullion dealers. These companies specialise in recovering the precious metal gold content from jewellery gold scrap as well as other industries that use gold and precious metals.

Gold refiners and gold scrap buyers in UK can be found online and offer fast, trustworthy scrap buying services through the mail. The process is simple, just securely parcel up all your gold scrap, broken jewellery or old gold coins and ship to the scrap gold refiner. Once the gold refiner has received your lot they will determine the exact purity of gold present, by performing a melt and assay if required and then make payment direct to you for your gold scrap. With the credit crunch affecting us all this year you cannot afford to leave significant amounts of cash sitting around the house in unused jewellery items or old gold coins. So cash in your scrap gold and unwanted jewellery today for some fast cash!

Perfect Diamond Cut and Shape

February 13th, 2008

Diamond Ring Brilliant CutA Diamonds Cut and Shape are two different aspects of the stone. The cut of your Diamond is how the stone has been cut at various angles by the Diamond cutter to reflect the light in the most pleasing way. When Diamonds have been cut perfectly the light reflects from the facets of the stone and bounces back to give that amazing Diamond sparkle. Super ideal cut Diamonds have a brilliance and shine that show the Diamond cutters skill at creating the most beautiful Diamond using the perfect cut.

The AGS (American Gem Society) have gradings for a Diamonds quality of cut. AGS 0 Diamonds are the grading given by the AGS to Diamonds with a perfect or ideal cut grade.
When purchasing Diamonds it is best to make sure your stones are graded as AGS 0 Grade or as Ideal cut Diamonds.

The shape of the Diamond refers to the type of shape the Diamond has been cut into. There are many recognised Diamond shapes that are used in the Diamond cutting industry. It is recommended to choose a Diamond that is cut to a shape that you find most appealing. Diamond cuts can range from Emerald cut, Brilliant cut through to Heart shaped Diamond cuts.

PLATINUM Market Hitting Record Highs

February 13th, 2008

Gold Bullion Bar - Platinum Market PricesThe Platinum market has been hitting lifetime highs of recent weeks and topped at $1965 at this weeks beginning. In the last 20 days Platinum has increased more than 28%, a massive increase over such a short period of time. The last week has seen Platinum topping the previous days never before seen record each day.

Financial results and the general mood of the investment market has helped to strengthen Platinum along with recent supply fears. South African Platinum mines have been experienceing power shortages, reducing the Platinum production from the country that supplies most of the worlds Platinum stocks. The energy crisis in South Africa is on its way to being resolved but the recently lost Platinum stocks from the mines will still leave an impact on Platinum’s prices.

Diamond Jewellery for the Perfect Valentine

February 12th, 2008

The perfect gift for your loved one this Valentines day is the gift of a sparkling Diamond. Giving quality Diamond rings, Diamond pendants or amazing Diamond bracelets has always been popular on this romantic day. Valentines day is the day that you really show your partner how much you love them, and what better way than by giving the absolutely perfect gift of Diamond jewellery.

Nowadays it is possible to purchase beautiful Antwerp Diamonds of the very highest quality at an affordable price. Many new designers are offering modern jewellery crafted in various precious metals such as Gold, Sterling Silver and Platinum. These designers select the very best quality Diamonds to set into their amazing jewellery designs, making modern designs of jewellery the perfect Valentines day gift.

BULOVA Edison Big Date ACCUTRON Watch

December 21st, 2007

New to the BULOVA range comes the Edison Big Date timepiece, inserted into the existing Edison series. The Big Date has larger hands than previous models in the Bulova Edison range with improved luminous visibility. The stainless steel classic stylish bracelet has a push button buckle strap closure action and looks amazing.


The five row stainless steel bracelet has an elegant style about it and the silver and white line patterned face really finishes this watch off well.
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CASIO Wave Ceptor Team SEAT 2008 Sponsorship Watch

December 21st, 2007

With Casio’s announcement of their Team SEAT sponsorship comes the Casio Wave Ceptor Tachymeter Watch. Part of Casio’s radio controlled watch range the Wave Ceptor shows an average speed readout digitally on the watch face. The retail shop Point of Sale (POS) displays for Casio new chronograph watch ranges feature Team SEAT and BTCC sponsorship images for advertising.

CASIO Tachymeter Wave Ceptor SEAT Watch

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